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Thread: posting pictures

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    posting pictures

    how do i post pictures of my design without a url i tried imageshack but the images do not display.


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    posting pictures

    U used photobucket. Its a free image hosting site that you can just upload your images to.

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    posting pictures


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    posting pictures

    I meant to say "I" but I think I missed, so I am just practicing pushing the "I" button. Did I do it right?

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    posting pictures

    when you use image shack and you get the preview page for your uploads, do not use the URLs below each preview. You have to open each image individually (click all the icons) so that you view each respective image. Each image will then along the right hand side show many types of links. you want to use the link that is second from the top, "Direct" link. It took me a few tries to figure that out as well. You dont want to use the link that is shorter and has a sub path of just /I/ in it. That link brings you to a page that loads the image inside it, but is not a link to the image directly.

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