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Thread: #421 - ION Mod Idea by blindpig

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    #421 - ION Mod Idea by blindpig

    It would be awesome to have a glass topped cigar humidor modified to house the computer in the bottom and actually hold cigars in the top. Some humidors have drawer(s) large enough to allow a disc tray to be inserted for the DVD drive. I believe a 50 cigar humidor would be large enough to allow the mobo in the bottom. The glass top will provide the illusion that the computer is just a humidor. Also, you will see in one of the attached pics there is a humidity gauge that could be replaced with a temp gauge that displays the CPU or internal temp. I also believe the humidor should be on small feet (say an inch) to allow air vents to be installed in the bottom for ventilation.

    I've included a couple of different humidors to help get the ideas flowing.

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    #421 - ION Mod Idea by blindpig

    It would be interesting and helpful to have, you would probably have to keep the cigar area and computer area separate that in case the humidity was too high for the components. Also you wouldn't have a whole lot of room for video cards and heat sinks without building it up too much which you would only have a little room left over for cigars. Good idea though. Maybe it's just a computer and not an actual humidor.

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    #421 - ION Mod Idea by blindpig

    Yeah, I should have been more clear. The humidor portion would have to be sealed off from the computer due to exactly what you said. A single layer of cigars would be sufficient to provide the illusion of the box being only a humidor. Thx for the feedback!

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