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Thread: #375 - ION Mod Idea by shomann

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    #375 - ION Mod Idea by shomann

    So, if you aren't familiar with the insanely great Venture Bros animated series, this title (and imagery) makes no sense. Basically what I propose is a build that will hopefully be one of form and function while also being totally unique. This Zotac Ion motherboard's main purpose for existing is the serve as the center of a small, power friendly HTPC. Its capabilities extend all the way up to 1080p playback and they should be harnessed. I could easily envision the finished product as something you take to friends house to plug into their screen, or possibly even on vacation as a portable media jukebox, all while retaining the theme of a great TV show.

    Real world examples of the actual bag:

    Insert for the bag that houses the computer. This frame concept is fairly straightforward - I see it bolting through the bottom of the case and possibly protected by a simple "crush-cage".

    Some points to note. The computer's I/O and slot-load Bluray burner would need a custom top shield not pictured here. Ideally, when finished and open, the contents of the bag are still a mystery.

    Use of fabric over a fabricated plexi or alum panel might be appropriate. Connecting cables for Ethernet and HDMI could have an interior pocket constructed for them.

    The PSU needs to be a Pico or similar size due to space requirements. As it is a media center, a remote control holster in the interior and IR receiver would need to be integrated. If I had my choice the exterior emblem would be CNCd aluminum. I don't see the need to have the integrity of the bag be compromised (i.e. for ports, vent panels, etc), save for an access hole for a retractable power cord.

    I am sure there is more I can noodle out of this, but the more I started thinking about this, the more I want to see it built.

    Great idea for a contest - rock on!

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    #375 - ION Mod Idea by shomann

    this is really original and it could work

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