NVIDIA ION Case Mod Idea


Giving Thanks:

Since the NVIDIA Corporation was kind enough to sponsor this fine competition, I felt it was only proper to show my, and others', appreciation with a case dedicated to them. I hope the design isn't seen as any kind of copyright infringement, I made it with the best intentions. I also hope that the background isn't too much, seeing that others' are fairly plain, I was tinkering with images and layer styles and thought it looked nice.

The Case:

This case exhibits power, just as much larger and more expensive PCs do, with its vibrant colors and intriguing design that comes from NVIDIA's logo, and when I, as well as others, see NVIDIA's logo I think of high performance computing, graphics specifically. That is what ION-based PC's are about, unexpected performance in a small package. It is said that great things come in small packages, and you can tell without even opening this one.

My Views:

Now to the idea. I pointed out most of the significant features in the image, but here are some details (Just possibilities I came up with. The builders would surely have some contrasting ideas.):

The case is essentially a 3D model of NVIDIA's logo with feet and 3-4 different transparent viewing panels of green and black for a pleasing visual contrast. Also, green LEDs might be a nice touch to accent the case.

In keeping the case cool I thought it might be beneficial to have some of the bottom and back portions made from mesh rather than solid pieces. The case is raised slightly by the feet so that a partially mesh bottom might be ideal. Also, the left/black part of the "eye" could be made partially, if not entirely, from mesh. A small fan or 2 could also be added anywhere inside the case for further cooling.

The rubberized feet should create more static friction serving to keep the ION PC from sliding off of any surfaces and onto a hard floor, as well as, provide extra stability for the PC.

Components For Dimensions:
I don't have any modeling software, only Photoshop 4.0, so I did my best to create a visual and estimate the dimensions to be around 12" long, 4.5" wide, and 8" tall, but the components chosen would indefinitely have an affect on the measurements. Since small and stunning is the name of the game an external disk drive in another location might be the best, or a slim 12.7mm slot type because it would affect the structure of the case less significantly. I do believe with my estimated dimensions, the 2.5" SSD and 3.5" multi-card reader(Front), would fit nicely in the bottom of the case. And I am hoping that the external Pico power supplies will be used so that the case can be as small as possible.

Thanks for reading, and I would be happy to clarify anything or submit more information if necessary.