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Thread: Senior scores again

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    Senior scores again

    im like a damn magnet. well rj a good friend of mine came flying into my driveway at about 4 pm today and told me to ride with him to the recycling center where he led me to this pile of about 100 computers omg it was cool. anyway we got 2 whole pcs out of the pile and a mac. but sense we hate macs we killed it muhahah. anyway we got home with our loot and plugged in the first pc
    pc #1

    pentium mmx 233 mhz
    6 gb hd
    32 mb ram


    p1 150 mhz
    32 mb ram
    2 gb hd

    both of them went smoothly into windows 98

    and tommorow i am getting a 450 mhz dell with 192 mbs of ram

    just thought i would share my luck again

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    Senior scores again

    Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may have to take a trip to see you and follow you around. Ha Ha Happy Modding.

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