Glowing Wireframe of a Molecular Orbital Scientific Display - Ion Placement in Center

The Glowing Molecular Dynamics 3d Model Wire Frame would have a Transperent Ion-Orb that sits in the center

Center pice would be a tranparent orb that would also glow encapsulating the ion motherboard so you could still see the chipset and printer circuit board within. It would be at the nucles of a Glowing 3d model wire frame with nvida ion branding and logos.

3D Wireframe Pic

Attachments extruding from 3d Wireframe and any thing glowing would be a combination of Blended Nvidia colors ( Black, Yellow and Green )

Wireframe would glow and be encompassed by fiberoptics simulating a glowing ball of electrical charged plasma. The free air remaining would allow for enought transperency to see the Ion encapsulated orb in the center

Fiber Optics Pics

Electrical Charged Plasma Pic

Orb Pic - Ion inside Plastic Ball

Green Fiber Optics