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Thread: #386 - ION Mod Idea by Stormbringer

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    #386 - ION Mod Idea by Stormbringer

    Treasure Chest Design


    Micro LCD 100-250$ [car audio/video seem to offer better deals then pc stores]
    Speakers 30$
    Optical Drive 50$
    Mouse Pad Touch 40$

    Small multiple use Pc that can be used at home and on seperate locations with ease.

    Design Reasoning
    The treasure box can be built in so many styles that between aged wood and rustic metals.. to polished metal and rich cedars.. this gives the ability for each one to have a variety that can truly be unique to each person yet keep a nice.. clean ornimental appearance that when off wont look out of place and still retain a conversation piece quality.

    All open lid components are optional.. in all honesty im not a hard core modder.. just another junkie that sits back in awe of everyone elses skills so ill be the first to admit i dont know if this arrangement is even possible.. thus why its just an idea.. and being the final design if chosen is left ultimately up to the modder.

    Lid design reasoning.
    Small and powerfull. its portability will enable this to be taken to other residences easily.. with the option to leave behind the bulkier components like the monitor and keyboard for the option to watch your own movies or listen to your own music while at the office or at a hotel.. but unlike most laptops and media players.. the output ports for the mobo can enable you to connect the pc easily to any other lcd tv or monitor for full scale movie viewing at a party or presentation.. or to plug it into a stereo system with most common input jacks and have a list of music that can infinatly out do any ipod or cd.

    most GPUs have multiple outputs.. the lesser grade one otputting to the micro lcd.. leaving the main out port for any larger monitors to plug in via the back.

    the holes seen on the open image are both venting and the upper ones wiht the curved lid can allow for shielded cheap speakers to be inserted.. yes not better then quality ones outside the unit.. but still better then nothing for when out and about.

    To maintain the "not a pc" appearance when off and closed.. any indicaters and power buttons should be located somewhere inside the chest itself wherever is convenient depending on component layout.
    Potential problems.

    this design with any components in the top will inevitably cause wares to be exposed from the lid to the main parts in the base and over time with repeated opening and closing could cause things to come lose.. just a concern.

    after the rendering i decided some sort of foot pads on the bottom to elevate it ever so slightly for added ventilation on the bottom would likely be a solid idea.

    the back panel.. not shown in the render because depending on how all the componets work out.. this is inevitably where the "mess" will be with all the wires comming out and what not. and being this part of the decor isent meant to be seen directly.. its final appearance doesent really matter that much

    speakers... if unshielded ones are used.. theres a serious potential for the magnets to do some serious damage to the componets.

    This design is really close to me and although rushed its truly from the heart with a good ammount of emotion and thought run through it.
    i recenty read about one of the modders talking about how the computer being the ultimate marvel of technology.. never had a "decor and detail" phase.. it want from big boxy and grey to small boxy and white or black.. never having a transition period where socioity would use an excessive amount of love and thought to really ornamentalize and honor the device as a whole, and i couldent agree more.

    dragons also being insanely close to my heart.. ive had a bit of fondness for treasure and shiny things. the treasure chest was the logical answer.. being of a well known and time honored shape.. it represents quality.. focused construction.. and like all chests.. no matter how elaborate it is on the outside.. its true reason is to contain and protect something wonderfull on the inside.. and from what im seeing.. the ion is indeed worthy of that honor.

    Yeah ive had some tacky ideas to go along with it.. thinking some laminate of gold coins or some shiny material line the inside of the box.. but honestly.. it would have stuck out like a sore thumb.. clashed with the warmth of the fine wood.. and the simplicity of the design.. so i felt containg the wood theme on the inside was deep down.. he right thing to do. As for all the interface on the inside.. this creates a true multifunction usability while at parties.. not to mention the added conversation the box itself.. and even the pc inside will create..

    I have.. flaunted with the ideas that some sort of led base and either a prisim or lead crystal be placed in the center to simulate the "treasure" effect of the box.. as i have a few multi faceted crystals hangign in my window.. and when i hit them wiht a lazer pointer.. the light show is truly amazing.. unfortunatly again this takes focus away from the pc inside the box.. and a lose crystal inside would make for some uundesirable transportation of the unit.

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    #386 - ION Mod Idea by Stormbringer

    Looks cool - In the third image, is that a fullsized cd? Looks a might small and hence the proportion of the box to the monitor and kb looks small too.

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    #386 - ION Mod Idea by Stormbringer

    no the cd is a bit small.. as i stated.. it was a rushed build and rendering.. about 5 hours total being most my time yesterday was spent correcting an error i had mage wiht registration and i didnt find out about the contest till recently.. the image is also missing hinges.. wires.. carpet.. a stack of other things i just dident build in teh 3d engine even alot of material tweaking could have been done.. by my main goal was to get the idea out.. and visuaized and on the boards here. i worry about the finer details of the image itself down the road.

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