Victorian Steampunk Typewriter style PC

One of the things I'd always thought would have been neat was combining the look of an old Typewriter with that of a computer. Basically the housing would be designed to look like a typewriter, the keyboard [while not necessary] could be built into the housing and made to look like the old style keys. Would be great for it to have a Victorian Steampunk spin on it as well. The wood and brass-like sheen would make for what I think would be a a pretty cool look. An LCD can be added to sit on top of the box where the roller sits and in that way replace the roller entirely. The Roller turning knob on the side can be used to adjust the angle of the screen to a certain degree. The red button on the front right could be used as the power switch, the black button next to it for reset. The Optical drive can be positioned to come out of the left or right side of the case or can be an optional external component. Ideally it would be inside the case.

Additional Components [quick search ideas]

ASUS 20" Widescreen LCD Monitor w/Speakers -> $129
LG CD/DVD Burner -> $ 24
Mouse -> $ 27
Rough Total -> $180
The picture provided is for reference purposes and does not reflect the entirety of the description above.