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Thread: Example: a real ION box I built

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    Example: a real ION box I built

    A little off-topic, for reference and inspiration, certainly not a contest entry. Here's a photo set of an inexpensive simple enclosure I built for my Zotac IONITX:
    It's nice to see how neatly the IONITX can package up.

    Details on the case parts and components are included. I'm lucky to have a friend with access to a laser cutter, to make the glossy acrylic panels. But you can attach anything you like to the aluminum box, paint it, polish it, powder coat it, leave it bare, whatever. I'm very happy with the system. No fans, very quiet, just 30 watts total at the plug.

    Full disclosure, I'm an NVIDIA chip engineer, but with no connection to ION, marketing or the contest. This is a personal project on my own time and money, everything bought retail. Just enjoying the kool-aid I guess. Have fun with ION!


    PS: I'm looking forward to using IONbox to drive my robot with CUDA vision. IONITX has a single 18v power input, easily provided by some battteries. Don't assume your case mods have to be stationary!

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    Example: a real ION box I built

    Nicely done! I had no idea how little power this board used.

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