I think a cool ION ICE PC could be made from a hollow, clear plastic resin molded in the form of a melting ice cube.

The Case:
This case would be more than just another clear cube of plastic. it would be surrounded by a clear, soft plastic film to simulate liquid water flowing from the ice. In a separate space above the PC would be a mist fountain that would emit thin wisps of fog from fissures in the ice.

To best pull off the overall effect the cube should not sit flat on the table but should appear to be sinking into itself. The DVD drive should be a slot feed type that loads in a downward slope.
The interior walls of the hollowed out areas would be made irregular and bead blasted to simulate cracks in the ice. The out side should be smooth with no flat surfaces or sharp edges.
Cyan and white LEDs could light up the inside in a tasteful manner.