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Thread: ReBuilding my pc... Water cooling help

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    ReBuilding my pc... Water cooling help

    Ok, I have my gaming pc in an old copmaq micro atx case. Almost everything in it is budget or used. The motherboard barely allows for the OCing of my athlon x2 4850. Currently, I can only figure out how to get it up to 2.62ghz. This is with low temps and I have a good heatsink(although idk what kind). I only know how to use the simple OCing tools in bios, so maybe I'm missing how to actually OC correctly?

    I have two main plans for my system.
    The first is to build a new acrylic cube atx case.
    The second is to add water cooling. However, I have only just begun to look at water cooling seriously, and I wonder if it is too expensive. Obviously, almost any kit or separate parts will soar past my budget. My question here is whether I might build my own components such as the resivour. Maybe substitute a small pump instead of one designed for water cooling to reduce costs even more? Is the pressure in the system really that bad? Or should I just assume that any parts I build to contain the coolant will fail?

    from the top of my head, my system is
    athlon x2 4850 @2.62ghz
    Evgs geforce 9800gx2
    Corsair 2x2gb pc2-6400 800mhz
    Ocz 600w psu with sli
    Western digital caviar black 1tb

    Also, my pc died
    It looked like hdd failure but the hdd still works fine.
    The system powers on but tv graphics card never is recognized. Nothing is put out through the graphics card or the onboard 6150se graphics. Nothing is recognized as far as I can tell, and I assume that these are the symptoms of a broken motherboard? It needs replaced anyway, but I want to have other's opinions before jumping into the market. As mentioned before, my budget is limited. I am in high school with no job, so anything that I buy would have to be very moderately priced. This entire setup cost me less than $400 so understand that I really can't spend much.

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    ReBuilding my pc... Water cooling help

    I also forgot to add that I am a pretty experienced woodworker, and I assume that this will transfer over to working with acrylic. If you need pictures or more details just ask... Also, I will be starting the case as soon as I earn the money. Hopefully in less than 2 months.

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    ReBuilding my pc... Water cooling help

    Ya, the Compaq's and other brand name companies usually have limited bios's to keep people from messing with them. Sometimes there is a trick to get into the "advanced" bios features. You might try googling your model and see if you can do that.

    As far as watercooling. In my opinion it's over rated. These days the Air coolers cool as good as a lot of WCing systems for a fraction of the cost. Most of them are nice and quiet too! Water cooling is really for those who HAVE to have it, want it because of the looks, or are really really really going to be pushing the system. I mean if you really want one I'd suggest a swiftek kit or something. That way you have a basics to start out with at first.

    I think your woodworking skills will come in handy with acrylic. It's a little more delicate but shapes fairly easily. If your good with wood I think it will translate pretty well. That's pretty much how I progressed over.

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    ReBuilding my pc... Water cooling help

    Ok thanks for the input...
    I guess I wasn't very clear LOL. I have a compaq case and a different type of motherboard (although it isn't a very good brand) and I forget what brand it is. Biostar or something..? But I guess for my purposes it doesn't make much difference. Maybe if I figure out how to flash updated bios? My problem with this is I have no idea where to start. Anyone know how? I appreciate it in advance! Thanks

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    ReBuilding my pc... Water cooling help

    Somewhere on the board should be the model #. Then you just go to the Manufacturers website and look up the BIOS for you board. You should see a list of versions. It should also have a program that it suggest you flash it with. Usually Winflash or something.

    Download the file start the program. BACKUP the old BIOS just in case. This is very important!! Then flash the new file. Reboot into the bios and it should have more features. More often then not they won't be noticeable depending on the Manufacturer. Sometimes if your lucky whole new OCing sections and tweaks will be available.

    For example if it it Biostar the page will look something like this:

    at the bottom there is the utility to flash the bios. Instructions are in a pdf next to it. I recommend you read them thoroughly.

    It's important to take your time and do it right. There is no better way to hose a system than a bad bios flash.

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