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    #427 - ION mod by CMDRReservoir

    *EDIT* - additional Information

    Hello people! During these past few weeks as a member I have not posted anything, but rather I have ghosted around and looked at the material all of you have created. I must say that I am impressed by all of the creativity and effort put forth by everybody! I wish all of you luck in the contest.

    With all of that said, here is my idea: The Opposing Force

    During the construction of this case, I asked myself two questions:

    How easy should it be to open, and should some of the aesthetics have a function? My answers are "Very easy" and "Most certainly", respectively. So to make that first one easy, I made it so it opens from the side with the press of a button. The aesthetics come later.

    So let's get into some hardware specs. Everything is neatly laid out in the case, fully equipped with 2 HDs in the front of the bottom half and one CD/DVD-RW drive in the upper half. I choose to use the CD/DVD-RW drive not for its size but rather for its versatility. I find myself burning CD's on my gaming machine and I figured that while it the drive may not be the smallest thing, it really wouldn't have made a difference in the case itself so I went with the added functionality! I also have a 140mm fan at the top as the main cooling source with 1900 RPM.

    In total, I have this budget:

    Crucial 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 - $45.99
    Seagate SV35.5 ST3500410SV 500GB 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb x2 - $135.98
    Pioneer Black Qflix - $57.99
    Scythe SY1425SL12H 140mm Case Fan - $9.99
    Case Materials - upwards to $250.05

    So $249.95 is a good price tag.

    Last but not least, the stand has the additional function of folding! This is specifically for maximizing the amount of space on your desk or carrying it around (using the rubber stands as handles).

    In short, I wanted a more interactive design with a system that has a little flexibility in terms of function, something that could be opened easily in case I needed to upgrade any hardware, and something that I could just lug around in that time of need!

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    #427 - ION mod by CMDRReservoir

    Nice bro.

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    #427 - ION mod by CMDRReservoir

    It's a very good design for a small portble PC.

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    #427 - ION mod by CMDRReservoir

    I am on vacation at this point in time. But I am still taking questions, so ask away!

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    #427 - ION mod by CMDRReservoir

    is that real coool

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    #427 - ION mod by CMDRReservoir

    wicked kewl


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