The Idea is that World Rally Championship (WRC) cars are fast and small. And a WRC - RC car would be a great representation of the Nvidia Ion fast & Small concept.

I chose the Subaru because the STI - Subaru Technica Intstitue - won several awards for the 300+ Horse power they squeezed out of a small 2.5 liter engine for their production Car the STI. And They also won 3 WRC Titles back to back with a displacement limit of 2 liters.

So it seemed appropriate to me at least, to slap a badass little PC into a real 1/10 Scale Electric Subaru WRC RC car.

I don't know if anyone has ever done this, but I would think, that if the RC car part of this idea was used, was actually used, then the PC would need some kind of protection. Probably don't want to use the car in the dust & mud!

But to carry the theme of small size a bit further, I thought it would be cool to have a secondary LCD screen behind the windscreen of the RC car. It most likely would have to be rigged with a clear windscreen cover or made to flip open to view the mounted LCD screen.

I did the research on this RC car. It goes 25 mph. Thats blazing for a little car. Again...small & fast! But, it moght not be a good idea to make a PC go that fast. Maybe mount a Mobile PC battery & Charger to it & Some small but powerful speakers. You could load up some music and have the PC "entertain" people! LOL Maybe even mount a small cam and really get into trouble...or just have some harmless fun! I'm sure a cars eye view of it travelling through a crowd of peope would be interesting.

I figure all the ports could be routed and mounted in the back. It would be cool if it was set up to look like exhaust. But when you start talking about all the USB ports and video ports...well,,,I've never seen exhaust like that!

Hopefully everything else in the graphic is self explanitory. I've never built or owned a PC car, but I would assume a body lift would allow the PC to fit better. The red I put oon the vents would be meant be cut out and allow air flow, but I would assume the PC modder would have a better idea of how to properly vent an Ion, so perhaps thats somehting that can be skipped.

The CD/DVD tray would be cool if the opening had a bit of the RC car mounted to it. But, I don't know if thats possible.

Also, if the car was painted with Nvidia colors instead of the Team Subaru colors that would make it look as if Nvidia had their own race car. So swapping the Blue & Yellow for Black & Green would be essential to this mod.

Again, even if the RC car part never gets used, it would still be pretty novel & cool, to have a 1/10 WRC car on your desk.My Photobucket space