I'm hoping this little guy is lovable enough to win.

Being a Star Wars fan, I thought this would be an ideal case mod.

1- Panel covering the usb, headphones and mic jacks.

2- bottom blue "bar" is a swing-out cover hiding the blu-ray drive, while the psu sits above it, behind the upper blue "bar" and slot (I know, but the power supply had to go somewhere, and that's the only logical place!)

3- Swivel LED light. If the dome can spin on a track system, it can be angled to see the keyboard at night!

4- Intake fan.

5- Removable rear panel for accessing the components (the hook-ups would be visible, of course!) The motherboard and SSD would be mounted to a vertical mounting plate attached to the access panel, like this:

The sATA cables would be fed through a couple of holes near the bottom to prevent pinching or cutting.

The exhaust fan would be mounted at the top, right under the center of the dome.

I added this one because I like how the top of the dome lights up! Definitely LED's or blue plexiglass with a bulb inside.