Mini Tesla Showing Crysis

Mini Tesla Windows 7 Ready Touch Screen LCD by Mimo Monitors

Mini Tesla Top View

Mini Tesla Specs

The Mini Tesla ION is a high end PC with endless capabilities. The concept was design in order to match a normal house environment. Therefore, the description below is considering that the Mini Tesla is used like a Painting or Picture frame that remains hanged next to a HDTV. This will allow the user to hook up to the PC through the integrated DVI or HDMI components into their HDTV. With the new Windows 7 touch screen improvements, the 740 Mimo Monitor could be easily manipulated with the no so popular On-Screen keyboard. When not in use, the Mini Tesla can be left on for the day while it serves as a Digital Photo Frame. The power consumption of the ION technology is way less compared to a regular PC.

With an integrated touch screen, a webcam and a mic, The Mini Tesla will definitely compete with any other high end PCs. Files like movies, music and pictures will be able to be access wirelessly. Also, popular websites like HULU, Netflix, ABC, Joost, will be able to be played in your HDTV. With the integrated Blu-Ray Player, you will be able to watch any movie in High Definition. You can take down the Mini Tesla and travel with it. You can use it as a gaming machine, Digital Photo Frame, or as the cool gadget that everybody else Nvies.

Mini Tesla Specs

*Motherboard - IONITX-D-E

*Memory - Corsair 4Gb

*Monitor - Mimo 740
7” Screen Monitor Touch Screen
Product Dimensions: 7.67 x 3.83 x 7.094-8.622 in
219.99 USD

CD-ROM SATA Internal Blu-Ray DVD Combo Drive
109.99 USD

*HIS H435F512EP Radeon HD 4350 512MB 64-bit
DDR2 PCI Express x1 HDCP Ready
129.99 USD

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