My idea is to take advantage of the processing power and small form factor of the NVidia ION platform and integrate it into an acoustic guitar with an active pickup. The output of the pickup would be connected to the M-Audio "Session" hardware and software package whereby the analog source is converted to digital and a USB interface. Control of the PC would be handled by a USB touchpad attached to the guitar body (around the circumference, not on the soundboard) where Ovation guitars mounts their preamps. See image below. The motherboard and hard drive (SSD would be nice) would be mounted on standoffs, inside the guitar, on the circumference at the lower end of the body. Audio is sent directly to the PC so there is no need for an audio out cable but we do need power and video. The HDMI, power and a USB cable would be output from the guitar body where the analog out for a standard electic acoustic guitar is. The USB would be routed to the monitor which would ideally have several USB ports. It could also be connected to a USB hub. A wrap around the cables would finish the look. They keyboard could be plugged into the monitor or USB hub. To save money an older, used guitar could be used as the base for the project and would almost certanly sound better than a new, cheap instrument. LED status lights and NVidia stickers could adorn the guitar at the modders discretion, although there is something to be said for a completely stealth look.

This project is not designed to be another fancy, artistic case; but a platform for creating art!

Thanks for your consideration.