I decided to base my design on the idea of a small computer that could be appealing in any room. My main goal was a system to be part of a home theater system considering the power and versatility of the ion chipset, and the growing interest in incorporating pc's into the family's entertainment system.

Dimension of my system (approx):
Width: 9"
Height: 4.5"
Depth: 8"

The top of the system (blue square) would be a plexiglass that would show down on the motherboard.
The entire arced unit would be hinged to the back to allow easy access to the motherboard.
The angled edges on the interior above the motherboard would be pollished to better view the motherboard.

The empty portion (bottom rear) on the sides are empty only supported by metal structuring to create visual appeal.

The back (white bar) is where exterior connections of the motherboard are visible (sorry for no mock view).