Ok, now that we have the Entries locked down. I have locked down any posting in this thread for the time being.

1) If you haven't already noticed, I am numbering the mods just to make it easier to identify them. Once I complete this we will start in on the judging side of it.

2) Mods that do not meet the criteria set forth by the rules will be DQ'd and moved to a DQ'd thread. The remaining mods will stay in their current thread.

3) We will then work through the valid entries narrowing down the list.

4) A decision between duplicate ideas will only come into play if one or more of the duplicates is selected for the Top 30 positions. At this time the entry with the earliest post time stamp will be selected.

5) We will post the Top 30 mod ideas in a new thread once the selection process is complete.

For the time being, feel free to browse the other sections of the site and forums. We are glad to have everyone at our home away from home.