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    Hey everyone,

    As you can tell I'm fairly new around here and I just had a simple question. Looking around this site and a few other modding ones I have seen some truely amazing things that people have done. I myself have never once done any modding but I am very familiar with computers as I have built 5 on my own. I just wanted to get some input on what you might think would be a good place to start for a half broke college kid who wants to get into modding. I know I'm going to have to start small and eventually build up to something completely custom but I'm willing to take the time and learn the basics first.

    Thanks for any input,

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    Modding your case means doing something that you would like to see done to it. If it be a simple as adding a light or two, painting something, or cutting in a window.

    My suggestions would be make sure the wire and cables are tucked away and clean looking. Sleath a ROM Drive. Then maybe some creative painting. All of theses would be very cheap to do.

    Post some pics amd may we can give you some better suggestions.

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    Here are some pics.

    One thing that I just thought of was the FanMate2 that came with the Zalman cooler. Currently it is just sticking out of the back as I refuse to use the double sided tape that came with it and just stick it to my case. When adjusting fan speed I never go between minimum of maximum speed, only the extremes. Perhaps I can do a custom rocker switch instead of that ugly FanMate.

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    For the fanmate= Use a military switch,They are toggle but they have a flip down cover and look cool.Just a warning=Never use them as a power switch

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    personally, i would add some LEDs that shine out from the 7 bottom oval vent things. That would look pretty cool imo.

    Im sure you could do something cool to the front door aswell. Add a small window with your name etched on it or something would be pretty spiffy.

    few tips from another poor college kid:
    -you can get free plexi from home depot. Just find the guy in the plexi department and ask for some scraps from their trash bin or say you want to practice cutting on them at home or something. The two times ive asked(at different home depots), ive walked out with my arms full of decent sized sheets.

    -toys R' us sells awesome shit during their electronics clearances. I got my sony PSone LCD for $8 brand new in box! they also had a bunch of other things like PSX controllers and juiceboxs which can also be modified, and they were all super cheap. You can also find good stuff at places like gamestop and EBgames, although its usually going to cost more.

    -dumpster dive! At the end of each semester, theres always a few rich kids who toss their expensive shit in the dumpsters. I found some unopened audio cables, and 2 computers thrown away at the end of last fall semester. I've heard of people finding great condition TVs and LCDs though, just keep your eyes open. If you're not too keen on your friends seeing you looking through dumpsters, you can always just take a peek when your taking out your trash.

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