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Thread: Laser Etching in the UK

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    Laser Etching in the UK

    Anyone know of someone in the UK who does etching in perspex/acrylic - I'll be needing a few things done, but only one of each which counts out most of the companies I've spoken to so far....

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    Laser Etching in the UK

    No :roll:

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    Laser Etching in the UK

    Hmm that would be a great "How To" article on here if anyone is familiar with the process.

    I've ran across this a few times as well where I wanted something unique but wanted to try it on my own. However, the kits in most stores for etching are exclusively for glass items only and specifically say "NOT FOR PLASTIC".

    By doing it, I mean with items that can be purchased in a store not laser type etching.

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