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Thread: Hotrod Fuel Pumps

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    Hotrod Fuel Pumps I know I'm new here and it's likely that anything that I think of has been thought of before... but anyway, I thought of using automotive fuel pumps,. spent an hour browsing and found some awesome looking ones. Then added CPU cooling to the search and found out that it has been tried before. Apparently the idea has been tried and failed. (I want that hour back)

    by the off chance this can spark a few Ideas, here's some bling.. that won't work.

    Flow: 120 GPH sweet.

    Flow: 400 GPH
    ..just here to show that a decent flow rate is poss.

    Of course, there's probably a way to mod them.. Maybe build one from scratch to look like a fuel pump?

    A bit cruel really :evil:

    Anyway,. back to the bull terrier design that I've been dreaming up...

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    Hotrod Fuel Pumps

    It is a cool idea but is it just too expensive? I have never heard of it being done so I'll give you credit for it. LOL.

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    Hotrod Fuel Pumps

    Hmm..I have not thought about fuel pumps, but I do like the design much better than what you normally see fro water cooling.

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    Hotrod Fuel Pumps

    why didnt they work?

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    Hotrod Fuel Pumps

    The fuel delivery system in a car is quite different than a water-cooling system in that the fuel pump builds up pressure (40-50psi) to feed a carburetor or injectors, then maintains that pressure at a low gpm. I would guess that if a fuel pump was employed in a computer for water cooling, it would burn out from the constant high flow/low pressure.

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    Hotrod Fuel Pumps

    Ah ok -- perhaps you could swap the pump housing as a cover for a more traditional WC pump.

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    This posts is*very*informative.*Thank you!

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