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    Cheap Tools

    I personally am not a big fan of cheap tools - generally speaking you get what you pay for. The thing is, there ARE exceptions to this rule, and as much as I'd love to buy nothing but the best - the bank manager would hang me from the ceiling *grin* so I have to find a compromise between what I want, what I need, and what I can afford....

    I have a "Pro" dremel clone - it came in a nice flexible case with 3 trays full of attachments and bits, a flexi shaft and a right-angle adapter, for about 2/3 of the cost of the bottom of the range original Dremel - and it's the best multi-tool I've ever used - I've had a genuine dremel (left behind in australia when I came home) and another unbranded copy (lasted about 6 weeks) - this one just keeps on going - it has a digital display with a very nice speed adjuster on it and I really can't complain about it at all - it's about 4 years old now and showing no signs of stopping (touch wood).

    I used to have a geniune Dremel Diamond cutting wheel - and it was truly awesome - to give you some idea of it's longevity, after burning through 3 "regular" cutting wheels in about 2 inches of the internal structure of an old compaq case, I then cut about 2 feet with the diamond wheel and it was just getting started.

    I have NO clue where the hell the wheel went so I went to buy a new one, to find that at the local big hardware place (B&Q) the price had almost doubled since I last bought one and they were an astonishing £28 (roughly $45us) and I just couldn't justify that much for it so I left it.

    The other day, in a smaller hardware place, I picked up this.....

    And compared to a regular cutting wheel, it's HUGE.....

    A 50mm diameter wheel, for less than £3. I am not optomistic about it - but at that price, I had to try it... I'll let you know how it goes....

    In the meantime though - what do you lot think about cheap/expensive branded/unbranded tools in general?

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    Cheap Tools

    Unsurprisingly - it was utter UTTER pants....

    Put it into the flexishaft and it vibrated so much it made it very uncomfortable to hold - from this I'm assuming it was a long way from being properly balanced. Re-fitted it directly into the multi-tool and while the vibration wasn't AS bad it was still noticable - spent about 2 minutes cutting an old case side panel - nothing special - not too thin, not too thick and it DID eventually start to get through but the multi-tool was working WAY too hard and was hotter than I ever remember it getting in the past so I stopped.

    One cheap tool, going straight into the bin - fortunately, it wasn't a particularly expensive experiment :s

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    Cheap Tools

    Cheap tools can be a savior and are a good way to build up your tool inventory. You can always go back and replace the ones that you use a lot with better ones and keep the cheaper ones you may not use as often. can be a modders best friend. I got a cheap metal bender, files and misc items.

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    Cheap Tools

    While your point is undeniably a valid one - that link doesn't help me much on this side of the pond

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    Cheap Tools

    I have to second the Harbor Freight recommendation for those who can use it. With the exception of any sort of metal blades I have to say their cheap tools have saved me a ton of money. Don't forget to check online as there is almost always additional 20% coupons you can use in store.

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    Cheap Tools

    I bought a set of "Precision" screwdrivers from Tesco's. I mainly intended to use them for laptop/smart phone repairs etc. but they are utter cr@p. the heads just spin in the shafts, and even chew themselves up on difficult or lock tighted screws.

    Definitely worth the £1.99 I paid for them, not

    I leave the box lying around in the hope that someone will steal them!!

    Have fun all,

    P.S. Does anyone know where to get hold of a 110mm hole saw in the U.K.? they seem to be as rare as rocking horse poo, and the one place I would expect to find one (B&Q) doesn't stock them. I don't know why, they should be getting more popular as PC Case and Console modding is a fast growing business.

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    Cheap Tools

    Screwfix has 102 and 127mm plus some sets - do you have any room for compromise on the sizes ?

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    Cheap Tools

    Not sure at the moment, I may take the panels down to the local engineering firm and get it laser cut. It would probably look neater too

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