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Thread: Our top 30 choices

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    Our top 30 choices

    Well it was REALLY hard to pick just 30 of the ideas submitted and we had to make some tough choices along the way to do so. We want to thank each and everyone of you and I hope that some of you will take your idea and maybe make your own mods as it really is a fun hobby to do. If you do PLEASE show it off here at Modders-Inc.

    So we know that most of you may or may not agree with the ones we picked but each may have their own merit that made them stand out, from a simple original idea to something that will challenge the modder. Take a look at them and maybe start voting for your favorite one to win!

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    Our top 30 choices

    I agree totally, it was pretty challenging sifting through the 435 final entries. I know my eyeballs are ready to pop out of my head after editing each post to number them 8O . Narrowing down the top 30 was probably the toughest part of this contest thus far. I give props to all designers, and hope that you all support the Top 30 Winners. I know we couldn't pick them all, but that doesn't mean there wasn't some other great mods listed. I think we ended up with a pretty good variety of mods for the Top 5 to be selected from.

    To those that got moved to the DQ'd thread. I am sorry but the majority of them are due to the lack of images, or descriptions explaining the mod. All of the mods listed in the original submittal thread have be unlocked as well. I really hope that some of you take on the challenge of trying to build your mods personally and if you do so, please post back showing us. We love looking at mods.

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