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Thread: Kind of an odd question....

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    Kind of an odd question....

    Ok, I have this idea for a case that I really like. I have an old Fossil Gas Pump replica, that is just collecting dust, and the entire thing is hollow, and I believe would be perfect for a case mod. Problem is, I have only the front of the top globe. I was thinking "Oh, ill just get the back of another!" But no, I cant as real ones are glass and this one is just cheap plastic. Do you think I could maybe make a mold of something? Or perhaps make it look cool without it or something.... I will have pics of it tonight, if it will help.

    More or less.... I have half of a globe and I need it to be a whole, what do I do?

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    Kind of an odd question....

    Images would help but I do think I know what you are talking about. I bet something could be found on the internet to maybe substitute the current half globe. You make your own with a wooden mold and either an oven and vacuum former.

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    Kind of an odd question....

    in all honesty.. he internet.. and even ebay would be your low work end bet...
    in fact.. 3 seconds of google does wonders... 4&gclid=CN640vCesJwCFQ7xDAodyU_BkQ

    just did a basic search for plastic gas globes.. those are your first 2 results.

    as for making it yourself... well it might take alot more then the 50-60$ they are asking to make it.. between the molding and repeated efforts till you get JUST the right shape.. then its still not going to look as detailed logo wise as the replicas.

    and depending on just how far you want to go with it...
    find a way to have the price section be a core temperature readout.. though i dont know how easy it would be to convert a temp gauge to analog like that.
    Incorperate some sort of barcode of micro scanner device in the pump handle.. not very practical but theres some cheap scanners out there and would add to the form and function of the design.

    just some ideas.. looking over that site is giving me a mountain of them :P

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    Kind of an odd question....

    Ask ye shall

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    Kind of an odd question....

    Thanks for the links, I had to run an get batteries for the camera, but I am about to take pictures of what I am working with.

    Sadly, its not even a good replica of a gas pump... so the handle doesn't lift or anything, and its not a real gauge on it... :P

    It was made by a watch company...

    Disregard the dirt on it, it has been in storage since I was a kid.

    An old makeshift "Case" I made when I didnt have a BTX Case for a motherboard I got for free.

    The idea I have is insanely easy for a case, and it would be my first real custom case other than the card board box, and an old milk crate case I made.... which was really cool but I don't have pictures of it.

    Anyway back on topic... the idea I have is really easy, but that is the one thing that is holding me back... the second half of the globe.

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    Kind of an odd question....

    I found it! It was in a completely different place than where I stored it, but whatever.
    Project Gas Pump is GO!

    I really need a cooler name for this.

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    Kind of an odd question....

    Why not just cut a flat piece of plex and put it on the back. Maybe put a small LCD up there so when it's facing you there are some Cool things going on. When facing away it looks like a pump.

    Not being a good replica could be a good thing as well. You can add your own fanciness to it to make it your own. Like making the hose a fill pump for a reservoir or something. Also would be cool to cut out the gauges and put some of those kind that light up that maybe display internal temps up or something. I forget what they are called. They look like light bulbs but have numbers in them. Heck so many ideas just have to go crazy with em.

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    Kind of an odd question....

    Thanks all for the suggestions, I am going to do some write ups, and see what I can pull off with this mod!

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    Kind of an odd question....

    Heavy Fuel ???

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    Kind of an odd question....

    sheldog -- looking for "nixie tubes" I think.

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