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Thread: PROJECT: Lobo

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    PROJECT: Lobo

    Hello and welcome to what will hopefully be the first of many Project Logs for me here on M-I.

    The Lobo Wolves “Canis Lupus Nubilus” – derived their name from a word in the Blackfoot Indian language meaning “Buffalo Wolf”, which, when spoken aloud, sounded like the word “lobo”. They were also known as the Buffalo gray, or Loafer wolf, and followed the migration of the buffalo herds throughout the Rocky Mountains, from northern Canada to New Mexico. A large lobo wolf could weigh as much as 100 pounds and had a life span of about 20 years. They were described as the consummation of absolute savagery, and had seldom been tamed.
    - Source : Bradford Landmark SocietyI have always much admired Lupine, by Tech-daddy (which I watched step by step as it was built on another forum) and have long considered "cloning" it so I'd have one and after much thought I decided to go ahead and do it. I'm not a thief or a plagiarist, so my first stop was TD himself, asking his permission to copy his creation, albeit with a twist. TD was kind enough not only to agree to it, but to wish me the best.

    NOTE TO ALL: Before anyone starts calling me copycat, I am doing this with Tech-daddys 100% knowledge and approval (well he approves now - might change his mind if I make a mess of it LOL)

    I spent several days after that trying to come up with a name for the project - calling it Lupine, or LupineII just felt wrong - and as I had so many plans to make something different to, but partially inspired by Lupine, a tribute to felt like it would be selling the project short.

    So I went hunting on google for something, anything original and appropriate and after a few days of that, I gave up and asked the wife.... She turned and said "Lobo" instantly. When I asked her why, she explained about the Lobo wolves of Kane - where she lived until I imported her to the UK about 3 years ago - and so the name stuck - it has direct relevance to the Wolf itself, adds the personal touch as it relates to the wife's hometown, and also there's a little nod in there to TD too, as Lupine was a project originally started for his wife.

    Enough story - pics.....

    This is the old PC I'm going to reinvent in this project. A Chieftec Dragon - remember those - they really were among, if not THE first of the true "enthusiast" cases...

    I actually started another project based on this but I've now shelved that permanently - and it was several years ago too so this has been sitting in a partially done state since way back then - it's time to get 'er done

    The following are OLD pics of the original work done back in May 2006, some, if not all of which will be re-done or refinished, but I didn't want it to look like I'd gone from the case and made huge jumps without explanation so....

    The following may be slightly out of chronological order but.... I'm sure you'll figure it out heh
    Quick disassembly...

    Pull and strip the fan controller...

    Kill the badge hole on the door...

    7.jpg" alt="" />

    Priming up the loose bits...

    Carefully masking the holes - I've had stuff NOT go back in after paint because of the thickness of the paint and don't want to do THAT again...

    Bit of colour of the loose parts...

    Quick scotchbrite and layer of colour on the front (already painted silver so no real need to re-prime it)

    And finally, a quick coat of primer on the inside of the side panel which was not orginally being cut...

    I've done more since this and may well re-do some of the above - been working on this for a couple days now, but don't want to flood the lot on until it's a little more ready for show - more VERY soon though....

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    PROJECT: Lobo

    Looks good mate

    More pics please!!

    Have fun all,

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    PROJECT: Lobo

    No more pics just yet - but I thought a little "to do" list of planned mod's would be a fairly good idea instead of just a bunch of 3 year old photos and a history lesson

    I intend to:

    1. Blatently copy Tech-Daddys window - it's my favourite part of Lupine and I can't think of any way to improve on it. The only real differences will be that I'm not going to have a laser etched wolf on mine, and the landscape/wolf will be slightly different - not because there's anything wrong with TD's - just because chances are we'll have used different graphics to build our outlines, and the cases are probably different sizes. I'm also considering having the wolf in the metal airbrushed in as a feature - will have to look into the cost of that as it is DEFINITELY way beyond my abilities....

    2. Major airflow improvements. The Dragon case is from way back when the 80mm fan was king and a 2Ghz processor was off the charts powerful (I got the case from a friend after an upgrade to something quieter - pretty sure that upgrade was from a 1700xp to an Athlon 64 system). I don't know yet what'll be going into this case, hardware wise but if I'm happy with the end result and think the cooling will take it, I may well transplant my main rig into it (Q6700, 8GB DDR2 800, Radeon 4870 etc) - if not, I have a spare parts pile that fills a garage so I'll throw something around the 3Ghz mark into it so it's a complete system.

    3. Vents on the front have GOT to go - I never liked them - thinking about replacing them with mesh maybe - same will probably apply to the middle of the upper front door to maintain the consistency.

    4. Possible illuminated opaque (frosted maybe) window on either the other side or the top of the case.

    5. I'm almost decided on the colour scheme - thinking a light gray/white combination in keeping with the lighter colouring of the Lobo wolves.

    6. Whatever else springs to mind/is suggested. I like to very loosely plan my mods - I'm not one for having a 100% plan in place start to finish most of the time. I like them to evolve.

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    PROJECT: Lobo

    oooo i member tech daddys lupine what a case! was one of the first i saw before becoming a full time mod fanatic!, anyhow onto lobo, idea is great, case is great (ive always wanted to mod one of them) cannot wait to see this baby finsh!

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    PROJECT: Lobo

    I am sitting here with a bigg ass smile on my face, go get 'em Slave!!!

    And just so everyone know, I support his work 110%! I can not WAIT to see how this progresses, and Slave.... relax and have fun! I am so happy and proud that Lupine has inspired you so much so that you feel compelled to create Lobo. I am touched and honored.

    I am only going to say this once ... Let NOBODY call this a copy cat. It is his work with a lot of potential references to some of my design decisions... if I catch ANYONE blasting him or being negative after the pains he went through to contact me and explain his intentions and ask permission, I will come down like the hammer of Thor on your butt....

    *happy thoughts*
    Now... proceed with this awesome mod!!


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    PROJECT: Lobo

    I've always been one for paying too much attention to the minor things - it's probably why a lot of what I start doesn't get finished unfortunately. This project, and another one I have in the works, K-9-PC are the start of the new me - I WILL finish them, and in a timely fashion - but I'm still going to pay attention to details.

    So.... the opening panel has a plain black textured plastic lockable quick-release handle. I want it smooth and colour co-ordinated.

    Pull out the 80mm fan and grille and consign them to one of the parts baskets in my work-room..

    And out with the handle...

    4 screws, one nut, and a little more force than I was truly comfortable with later...

    Quick sand with some 120 grit wet n dry (used dry)...

    A coat of el-cheapo aerosol primer...

    And another...

    And a final sand down...

    Now nice and smooth - they'll get another good sanding before being primed up properly with a high quality 2pack primer - for this project I'll be using Lechlers Green Ti Filler Primer. I only used the cheap aersol primer above to show me the high and low spots on the handle so I could get it really smooth. There are times when you're modding you need to save a little money with cheaper materials or tools - paint, in my opinion, is NOT a good one to choose....

    More coming soon....

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    PROJECT: Lobo

    Just thought I'd stick this up too - my interest in wolves isn't a new thing - this is my first ever tattoo - I got it about 7 years ago I think...... On my upper right arm....

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    PROJECT: Lobo

    Oooh nice work. This should be good...and just and FYI. A good modder NEVER copies he "Integrates existing design ideas and utilizes them to their full potential inside his own modding paradigm." Hehe. I do that ALL the time.

    Looking forward to seeing where you go with this baby. Happy modding.

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    PROJECT: Lobo

    Amen Shel... Amen!

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    PROJECT: Lobo

    A good modder NEVER copies he "Integrates existing design ideas and utilizes them to their full potential inside his own modding paradigm."
    ... and credits the original artist, of course

    There'll be a little more of that later - I just saw a lil thing done by someone else, somewhere else, and totally going to steal that for Lobo.

    Could I be any more vague? heh

    Oh and guess what happens when you leave a partially worked on STEEL case in a garden shed for about 3 1/2 years.....

    You get rust!!!!

    Doesn't really change anything - I was planning on going to bare metal before painting for the best possible result - but it's one thing I personally have never come across in 15 years of PC maintenance & repair lol

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