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Thread: Left 4 Dead Anyone?

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    Left 4 Dead Anyone?

    Hey I noticed some of you guys are fans of things zombie related, do any of you play left 4 dead on the PC?

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    Left 4 Dead Anyone?

    Yep, I play... though I haven't in a long while. I get tired of the people in quick match that hardly know which end of the gun is the dangerous end.... so I don't play much.

    But it would be nice to play again...

    Delicious_Cake is my steam ID

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    Left 4 Dead Anyone?

    Yup, Zombies .... you KNOW i'm all over that! :mrgreen:

    I play when we aren't playing COD4, COD WAW, BF2142 or Quake live ....

    Anywho, be sure to add me and what night you want and we'll set a server up!

    On steam I'm : vvvFluffy

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    Left 4 Dead Anyone?

    hmm i SO miss playing 2142.. but it sucks playing alone.
    cod4 i have on the ps3.. and too many glitchers there.

    L4D.. cant say i have played.. heard its sort and no reall replay value.. so i never tried to go for it with my limited budget.

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    Left 4 Dead Anyone?

    Pop over to our forums (link in sig) and make a post about what you want to play.

    We're on almost every night and love to hook up on TeamSpeak and play with folks! :mrgreen:

    As far as L4D being short, it is, but it's the BEST Co-op game i have ever played, forcing you to work as a team or you die! 0-0

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    Left 4 Dead Anyone?

    hmmmm teamspeak kicks ass... might have to look into the L4D demo then... or should i wait till 2 comes out?

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    Left 4 Dead Anyone?

    Playing with the vVv clan is a blast. They are good guys and work well together. It's also fun to hear Fluffy scream "Lord Help!". LOL

    I used to play quite a bit but I just can't get into it anymore. I like to do the coop campaigns but everyone is into the vs. stuff. I'm too rusty for that and I'm really to into COD anyhoo. I don't have a lot of time so quick in, kill, get out is what I have to do. L4D just seems to take more commitment than I have. ya, I got issues. LOL.

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    Left 4 Dead Anyone?

    shocked none of you guys are playing battlefield heroes then. :P

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    Left 4 Dead Anyone?

    Actually I do play that. I just haven't played it as much lately.

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    Left 4 Dead Anyone?

    haha cool, btw my steamID is tinfoilpain123
    Be sure to add me

    P.S. just so you guys know how much I play l4d check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

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