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    Avatar Trailer

    I have no idea what this is about, but it looks pretty interesting!

    Check it out here:

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    Avatar Trailer

    saw that yesterday. I"m not sure about it. It certainly looks cool and I hear the story line is actually pretty deep. But all they hype makes me wary. I usually hate hyped movies.

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    Avatar Trailer

    I've avoided the hype, at least in part.

    I don't know - I'm feeling pretty 'meh' about it. I can see this thing flop really easily. $300million? That's just insane - I hope there are plenty of toys and tie-ins to make that money back because I'm not sure the movie alone can do it.

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    Avatar Trailer

    Ive heard its supposed to be in 3D? Is that correct? It looks like it could be OK, or a complete bomb... Might be one to just wait to rent the DVD to see.

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