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Thread: yummy bezel

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    yummy bezel

    airbrushed silverstone tj07 bezel.... yummm.

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    yummy bezel

    WOW! that is AMAZING Work!

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    yummy bezel

    bill, i think you need to move to the uk! i could do with some of your skills lol, this thing looks super

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    yummy bezel

    HEh.. what I might suggest, if you like high detail art on your pcs... but dont have the money to pay a uber skilled airbrush artist to do it, or dont even have one available to do it for you.. try those acrylic skin sites, like You can use literally any image file you want and have it made into a skin, for most pcs. In custom work, I am sure they can just do a custom order for you, say you do all the measurements and stuff, you might do all the cutting, maybe they can.. no idea.. but I am amazed and satisfied at the detail and durability these thick skins provide.. have one on my laptop, and its all cut up into portions to fit to my far from flat LCD backside... amazing stuff.

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