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Thread: Good PC Modding Shopping Sites?

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    Good PC Modding Shopping Sites?

    I have found a few sites that are themed aroudn custom computer modding. Was wondering since this is a community of Modders, what sites would you suggest as far as sites you liek to goto to get supplies for your modding projects? Hoping to find some that are reliable, good/wide selection, and at least not over zealous with their pricing.

    The ones that I have found:
    Tiger Direct

    Mostly just from google searches... FrozenCPU... meh.. Never tried them.. dont look to promising. Anyway.. thank you.

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    Good PC Modding Shopping Sites?

    FrozenCPU is good for hard to find stuff. I like them because they will sometimes sleeve your PSU for a very small price. I get lazy.

    You should check out the Resource Database section. There are lot's of links to cool things there. In fact there is this very same thread and has a bunch of links.

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    Good PC Modding Shopping Sites?

    I've done quite a lot of business with Hank Baron is the owner and is quite knowledgeable, as is his staff. They've always been very willing to answer questions I have or recommend a part when I need to do something. They get my vote.

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    Good PC Modding Shopping Sites?

    Danger Den, Sidewinder Computers, and Petra's Tech shop are good. Petra's has the added option of using US parcel post =dirt cheap shipping!

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