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Thread: Tony Stark Case Mod Idear

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    Tony Stark Case Mod Idear

    Had this brainstorm today regarding the NVDA case mod idea going on. Obviously too late for entries, but I wanted to post it anyway :-) I don't do case mods, so feel free to mooch ^_^

    Here's my intentionally psychedelic rendering of an Iron man inspired mod. Basically there would be a base with all the CPU guts, a top part with some serious storage, and two pods holding an optical drive and a dock for a removable hard drive. Then a big iron-man looking reactor mojigger in the middle with a Zalman CP 5000000 looking cooler in the middle =)

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    Tony Stark Case Mod Idear

    Sweet!...I might have to recruit you for my next project ;-)

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    Tony Stark Case Mod Idear

    That's totally a cool idea.

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