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Thread: Recommendations for Liquid Cooling?

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    Recommendations for Liquid Cooling?

    Alrighty...this is pretty straight forward. Since I am building a case based in ThermalTake's LanBox case, and since it will be taking advantage of the Core i7 line.. Its going to be a heat monster. The heatsink based CPU coolers will obviously be large if they are going to be effective, and frankly, I dont think it will be easy to do a large/tall CPU cooler in this case. So my plan is to use Liquid cooling. The back of the case has a opening for tubing, so you have the option available for having some or all of the liquid kit in an external setup.

    My question for everyone here...

    What is your favorite or preferred brand for Liquid Cooling? What accessories and or parts do you like or reccommend for a project such as this? Tankies!

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    Recommendations for Liquid Cooling?

    It depends on what you want to do. The Laing DDC is probably the best pump for small spaces. For the best cooling in a confined space, Hardware Lab's Black Ice radiators are the best. If you are on a tight budget, Swiftech radiators will work for you.
    The big thing to worry about is mixing aluminum and copper. You don't want to do that. The AL will disintegrate in a mixed-metals loop.
    For fittings, you want Bitspower. If you need a 90 degree elbow fitting, they have them.

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    Recommendations for Liquid Cooling?

    Mix aluminum and copper? Never heard of this before. Can you tell me more of this? up till now I wasnt sure weather to go copper or aluminum for my cooling blocks. Why dont I want to mix metals?
    And... can you tell me any other major things I DO or DONT want to do? I havent really dealt with water cooling before.. So id rather learn now then the hard way ^_^

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