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Thread: #414 - ION mod idea by od1

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    ION Case Mod idea picked by Pro Modder Dennis “Deadguy” Leach to create. Submitted by od1.

    The Bonsai ION MOD

    The ION's form factor is such than, in the tradition of Bonsai, it is not a Bonsai until it has been pruned and shaped. The ION - having been pruned of the none-essentials and shaped into it's current form, is to me, the epitome of the Bonsai art form.

    I thought a Bonsai mod for the ION was the perfect melding of that art form; what is normally large, into what is small.

    There has always been a close connection between technology and the environment and being 'eco friendly' and 'green' are all too important. The ION supports this belief as a low-power PC as well as sharing the visual beauty of the Bonsai with it's powerful graphics.

    The Bonsai ION Original concept art:

    The internal space allowed inside the pot is only limited by the pot size however for this build, I've opted to use a 14 7/8" x 10 1/2" x 5 1/4" (377.825mm x 266.7 x 132mm) pot.

    It would be great if a living Bonsai could be incorporated into this, however there are a lot of specifics that would have to be taken into account; not the least of which is watering but also the plant type, root/plant depth requirements, sunlight... etc. So for this, an artificial Bonsai was selected however I do believe the fundamentals of the design and message remain.

    The following is a proposed design spec for a possible Bonsai ION layout with pot and artificial tree. The layout is subject to the modder who makes it if is chosen - I am only posting these as an option.

    The iPhone and US change are for reference only. I've measured everything to the millimeter and to scale.

    Added a window:

    Slim CD/DVD (using an ATPI to Sata adapter) & Media Card reader (smallest one I could find)

    IO Panel uses cable jumpers to an IO panel built into the base so the IO isn't cut into the side of the pot. I didn't create all the cables and connectors but you get the idea.



    Instead of plain ground or moss or some other faux ground cover, I opted for a concrete look and having the Bonsai tree 'bursting' out from the concrete - then added a little logo graffiti... Also notice the road dashes and single solid line - only Nvidia gets to pass the slow-pokes and the oncoming traffic can only rubber-neck (;

    I think it adds a little urban appeal while maintaining the original concept and message - Of course, the classic Bonsai look will look great no matter what one does for the ground, this was a direction I wanted to express.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    grats man, I really liked this one. I'm itching to see a worklog.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Congratulations, only two more days untill we find out who else will be in the top 5!

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    grats on being pruned

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    grats on being pruned
    is that mean to be positive or negative?

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    if you had read the first few lines of the computers basic description.. yould know it was a reference to that.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Awesome! Thanks guys (: Oh man, I can't wait *does pee-pee dance*

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Congratulations! If this gets built with a real bonsai on top, that would be cool. I like that you flipped the motherboard over. It maximizes the space you have inside.

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1


    I knew this one would be in the top five

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    #414 - ION mod idea by od1

    Congrats od1!

    A very original and creative concept. Should turn out great.

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