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Thread: Project: Zonda

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    Project: Zonda

    Ever since Grand Turismo 3 came out and I first saw the Pagani Zonda I knew I was in love, never in my eye's has a car have so much beauty, yet still have the look that scream's "Raw power"

    Many years later near the end of summer, I happened to be in Italy, not too far away from where they made my favorite car (I bet you know what I did)
    As I arrived at the factory, right outside getting the finishing touch ups was the new Zonda F, I swear my heart jumped out of my throat and jumped back in after i calmed down I approached the fence and pressed the intercom button. After a bit of chatting I finally got into the factory (where they put this beast together by hand, well they use power tools but yeah) where only people with appointments get in...

    After entering the building, I was greeted by the owner of the factory himself, we chatted, he took some pictures of me and he even gave me a tour of the factory. As I was about to leave I heard the best 7 word's I could possibly hear "would you like to ride in one?" I swear I could have died that moment and I still would have had said yes and hopped in the car.

    Well long story short..I felt like a kid that had baught the best toy in the world for like a penny even though it was worth about a quarter of million to half of a million dollars

    Well recently I wanted to make a case that looked like it, my problem is where to start:
    I cant think of what part of the car that I want to use because this car is completely beautiful and i dont think any part of it is ugly

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    Project: Zonda

    PAGANI ZONDA F 2005 1:43 3

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    Project: Zonda

    Thanks, but believe it or not thats a rip off model that costs no more than 30$, only reason i can tell is the front lip and the mirrors

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    Project: Zonda

    I wonder if it is bigga enough for a Mini-ITX set-up

    Mini-ITX Kits

    EPIA M10000 KIT

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    Project: Zonda

    I think im going to make this thing remote controlled...anyone got any old RC cars?

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    Project: Zonda

    So are you trying to make a pc in there or what exactly?

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    Project: Zonda

    Yeah, but I was thinking of making it remote controlled that way I could drive it into a LAN party.
    It isnt going to have some high powered motor though just one strong enough to get it atleast to "jogging" speed..

    I'm gonna start on this tomorrow, I'm going to make it out of carbon fiber and aluminum, but im going to make a simple model out of cardboard so i can decide on the layout.

    But first I need to do some number crunching, image hunting and many many many other things

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    Project: Zonda

    Yeah, but I was thinking of making it remote controlled that way I could drive it into a LAN party.
    hrmm a pc that can do 5 mph technically that would be the fastest pc reguardless of parts

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    Project: Zonda

    I have a nitro rc enging that could make this thing go faster but i dont want to vibrate this thing to death that or have a fuel leak and have it explode.

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    Project: Zonda

    Well I started on a mold last night and i ran into a problem, the air intake's on the hood(the engine is MR which means the only way to get to it is the back), their a bit small even though the size of this project isnt that small....I might have to make it out of aluminum and bondo

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