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Thread: Prayer request please ...

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    Prayer request please ...

    Hi folks,

    I just got back from my wife's pre-op and testing visit at the hospital. All went well and will proceed as scheduled. She will have open heart surgery sometime after 5:30 am, the time we must have her there. I am not sure yet when I will be able to get back on and update, but I will keep Fluffy informed, the best I can. It is looking, according to the pre-op today, that she will have two valves replaced (a bi-cuspid valve and her pulmonary valve) and also more than likely be the recipient of a pacemaker, as well as having a couple cardiac ablations ... sorry can't remember the term they used for this when the heart is basically removed . What else? I have no idea yet as the DR said he would decide while he was in there what needed to be done or not.

    So, as you can see, the wife needs your thoughts and prayers. She is trying to be strong, but I can tell how scared and worried she is, and honestly folks so am I.


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    Prayer request please ...

    My Brother, you know i got you and yours covered with the prayers and warm thoughts. :wink:

    I have faith everything will turn out better than hoped for.

    You guys keep your chins up.

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    Prayer request please ...

    I 2nd what Fluffy said... Call if you need to.. Anytime.

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    Prayer request please ...

    Sorry to hear of your problems. My thoughts go out to both of you.

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    Prayer request please ...

    youll get the same thoughts and concerns i give to my mother.

    but in the end.. its up to her and her will to fight.. and you there at her side to keep her going.

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    Prayer request please ...

    my prayers will be with you and your wife my friend.

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    Prayer request please ...

    I will keep spot in my thoughts and prayers for you and your wife for all to be well

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    Prayer request please ...

    X -
    I'll be praying hard for you and your wife tonight.

    Love and hugs dawg, we got your back...


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    Prayer request please ...

    Thoughts and love go out to you both. I am sure all will be well.

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    Prayer request please ...

    your wife and you are brave, thoughts go out to you mate, hope all is going well. keep us updated mate.

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