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    Can You.....

    Hi guys! I am new here and have a question. I want to know about painting the motherboard. What stuff do you have to cover, other than the obvious. Cpu, memory slots, etc. What kind of paint can you use? Do you spray, or brush on?

    Thanks for you help.

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    Can You.....

    hmmm dont really know about this being a fair ammount of paint has some sort of metallic compound to it.. especially for the pigments.. then theres the heat factor.

    its good you asked the question here.. but do ALOT of googeling on the matter.. something like that you definatly dont want to take ONE persons word for it.

    and definatly listen to the mod guys here.. and post what info you find as others might have the same questions.

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    Can You.....

    I would think you wouldnt want to pain a MoBo. Even if you find some sort of paint that isnt conductive, you run into heating problems. PCs can generate alot of heat in certain areas, and that heat is likely to do something to that paint. Air flow is a must, and if you add a potential layer of insulation, that could mean higher heat levels for your hardware. I dont know anything about what happens to different types of paint, but the heat will likely re-liquify or break apart the paint, then you have to deal with cleanup... getting that crud in places that interfere with operation. There are plenty of other ways to spruce up the look of the inside of your case. Lighting, cables, cable organization, big shiney fancy CPU coolers heheh. Leave the painting to the outside of the case.Hehe

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    Can You.....

    Thanks for the replys, how hot does the motherbord get? I was considering painting the outsides of the memory holders, pci blocks. just for some matching color. Not the whole board. lol.

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    Can You.....

    Well it all depends on the motherboard in question, if you plan to do it on a lower end motherboard it will most likley not generate very much heat. but on higher end ones you might notice that some have large heat-pipes on certain chips that create a lot of heat. It is unlikely that a motherboard alone will create too much heat. the real problem rises with the components near/on the board that DO create heat. IE CPU, VGA, Chip-sets, Sound controllers etc... its those that can heat the board up. So if you should do some research, im sure there are a few people that know what they are talking about.

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    Can You.....

    I Watched a guy do this to a couple motherboards... *full coverage*... but now take into account that this was several years ago, and the motherboards were not huge heat generators.

    What colors are you aiming for? That might be a better solution depending upon your answer to that...

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    Can You.....

    If you just want to change the colors of the PCI-e slots and memory slots then I would say you are safe, but I think I would it by hand with a small brush.

    Doing full coverage would be possible if it was just going to some sort of show piece that man never get turned on. Other than that I would personally stay away form doing that. Now I have seen where people have "covered" , more like hidden, the board with colored plexi.

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