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Thread: In Win X-Fighter Mid Tower Case

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    In Win X-Fighter Mid Tower Case

    Today we are going to be taking a look at a spacecraft inspired mid tower chassis, the In Win X-Fighter. As with many of the other components of the PC, choosing the correct chassis for your next build can be challenging. Trying to narrow down the right selection will take some research. The main characteristics I look for in a chassis are the overall size and its airflow design. Will the X-Fighter have what it takes to impress me? We will have to see.

    Read our review here!

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    In Win X-Fighter Mid Tower Case

    I, for one, am utterly underwhelmed by this case. I admit I'm a little biased as I have never met a pre-modded case that I liked but this one seems to be more trouble than it's worth. The main things that I didn't like, other than the appearance, are the use of 4 pin fans throughout which means they're all set at 100% speed, 100% of the time and cannot easily be connected to any kind of fan controller - this will probably make for a loud case. The other main thing was the placement of the "front" i/o ports. The vast majority of people keep their tower in one of two places - on the desk beside the monitor, or on the floor under the desk. For those in the former category, accessing the ports will mean standing up and reaching over the case - if you're one of the latter, they're so far back you'll probably end up on your hands and knees so you can reach them. Even those users who keep the tower beside the desk, they're far enough back to be a pain - I can't think of any location to keep this tower where those ports will make any kind of ergonomic sense without having the case pulled so far forward, it'd constantly be in the way or getting hit/kicked.

    For that price, there are definitely better, more flexible cases available and this would be a long way down my list if I was looking for a new case.

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