This ION Mod idea was picked by Pro Modder Geno “BoxGods” Phipps to create. Submitted by DSS

Alright, so my case idea is based off of the automated turrets from the game Portal, pictured below.

What I was thinking was that all of the main components could be stored vertically in the "body" of the turret. The power button would be the red "eye" in the center of the body, which would glow during use. Maybe it could chirp one of the creepy quote they use in the game, like "Hello, friend", or "No hard feelings" when you turn it on, and when you turn it off it says "Nap time..." or "Are you still there?" All audio and video outlets would be located at the back of the body. To get to the DVD drives and USB ports, you would have to expose the "arms", (this function would be controlled by a lever located under the body) and the DVD drives/USB ports would have taken the place of those nasty laser guns. (See above: Non-exposed DVD/USB form on left, exposed form on right.) These would be located on one of the arms; the unused arm would slide forward, revealing the internal components of the PC (separated by a sheet of clear plastic, so you could bask in the neon reds and blues emitted from all the wonderful LED's that come with the guts of said PC/turret.) This would be removed by unscrewing the four screws that fasten it to the main body. The ventilation fans would be located at the back and bottom of the body, and small vents that would be on the DVD/USB side of the "exposed" body, under the "arm." It must be this arm that has the vents as the other side houses the removable plastic sheet. That's all, folks!