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Thread: #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    DSS you be getting your prizes for having it picked as one of the top five mods.


    Sorry guys I did not mean to attack, but I felt that I was...which I took wrong. Sorry again.

    As for my slow response...yeah that is true and my 50-60 hr salary job sucks the real life out of me. I normally get about 3 hours a night to try and do any personal or website stuff. Sometimes, don't tell them, I jump online and check my emails at lunch time.


    This is probably the final post here as there will no longer be any updates to this project as per Geno “BoxGods” Phipps. "I will still be finishing the Sentry mod and publishing it and my worklog on Bit-Tech. I am putting it over there just to avoid any controversy etc. with the other 4 builds."

    Please go check out the mod there and make sure that you support all the sponsors of the ION event and the hardware used for the mod.

    --- added links to images--- AF

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    Can I get a link to where he is posting the logs and what not of this pc design? i would like to follow this design with great interest myself. If it comes out looking great, I would likely want to buy it myself..I had several great ideas on how to do the design of this project, I almost submitted my own Portal turret idea after I had posted my Glados sphere idea. Where is this "Bit Tech" and what not. I would like to follow and help with ideas and what not... Thanks.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    You must be joking...
    Wander into the project logs section, good Sir.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    Searched the whole forum, unless i missed something, did he not post it there yet?

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    Not yet. I will let everyone know when the work log goes up.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    Aw man, this is a shame ):

    Nothing else to say that hasn't already been said.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    guess hes abandoned the project.. unless someones heard something in the past months about whats going on with this lil side project.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    Hmmm I don't think so. I had been in contact with him a while back, last I heard he already had all the special fabricating ordered, and already had a buyer lined up. He was going to post stuff about it on the forum he mentioned a few psts up... I was wondering about him too lately. I had his email or I m account...will need to dig it up again and ask. He apparently went to push the envelope with making a special module that will control and "animate" it..controlling its movements to mimic the motions of the turret ingame...light up lights when it "fires" and even spout lines from ingame as well. Think that's crazy? Well he apparently has some way of linking it to a webcam that will be mounted likely in the eye area that will allow it to follow objects based on size and movement speed! Just having this thing as a toy would be awesome enough, let alone a small pc! For those of you thinking about it, no it can't be baught...and will be expensive....judging by his estimate hehehe.

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