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Thread: #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    in fact that makes an idea so wonderfull... AF was looking for decent competition ideas for the site... an annual modding competition where modders build a mod..with some specific theme for the time..

    the top few.. 3-5 depending on number of entrants.. get their prizes and fame.. and the comps are donated to the charity....

    the remaining.. are put up for auction for sale where the procedes go to the same auction being a if the right crowd is found.. the auction will bring alot more value wise to the charity then 20+ computers.

    just a thought.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    I am trying to make this a positive for all as it can and should be . . . .if we step back and look at the goal from a broad perspective then I am sure there is some way things can be worked out. If there is a good reason for no extension then I am all for it of course. Keep in mind I have three horses in this race (four if you count my total love for Bill's work and my being a huge fan of his) and of course five if you count my friggen hardcore gaming addiction . . . .damned kick arse TF2 mods . . .no fair tugging on a guy's heartstrings man . . .I just know how much these pro modders are putting their blood, sweat, and tears into these projects. If it were my arse on the line I would want some slack . . .I want this to succeed and I want this to motivate others to join our movement. MI are good people, Geno is good people. Both have our passion in the front of their mind and have it as a priority.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    "this sucks.. and i had a serious feeling that something WAS up... and "I" was the one that here on the forums stated that i had a feeling that something was amiss though everyone was on my back for not having.. proof Razz "

    OMG you think we were screwing people or doing something that was not right?! YOU have no idea how hard and much work We, NIVIDIA, and CPU and the others have put into trying to do something that everyone could have a part in. Have you seen something like this on any other site, probably not and why because it takes a lot time and dedication for stuff like this to be possible.

    You all have made your points and say what you want, but I will say that it has hurt me very deeply.

    Thanks DB for your insight and words.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    Yeah, sort of like being called a liar lol.

    I mentioned the way the final five were announced so that people would know that there was NOT any "funny business" but rather the admins here doing their best to give DSS a chance to turn up. You will note I/he was announced last...there WAS a reason to stretch it out like they did. (Who enters a contest then doesn't check to see if he won anyway?)

    Besides the email "mishap" that sank me there has not been a single instance of ANYTHING bellow board that I am aware of. And to be clear I don't think that was intentional or done out of any malice. Bod tells me Dewayne is known for being slow to check his emails. Probably cause he has a life and gets a ton. I would not have even mentioned the email issue that screwed me if you had not taken a little poke at me in the modders lounge with that "As a judge" comment.

    There have been little "learning curve" missteps but nothing serious, (well except mine ) and as I said, even with that I still think the contest format is an awesome one and with a few light tweaks will be the best type of moddiong contest going PERIOD. Proof of that will be when other sites host variations of this type of contest as some are already planning I know.

    Things like this happen for a reason and I do my best to put out good vibes or whatever you want to call it so I KNOW the Sentry Mod will do amazing somewhere else. One area where I think you guys might have generated more traffic for M-I and the contest is by letting us post partial or little teaser worklogs on our normal sites that link back to the full worklogs here. I know the Senty will do amazing numbers on Youtube and gizmodo and sites like Digg because it moves, tracks targets and shoots lasers lol. Guy stuff.

    As for not posting the build logs etc here it is partially because I can get a lot more traffic elsewhere of course. I get to say that because I spent 4 years running a site very much like this one and I know how much work you guys do every day, day after day, just like you know the "Pro" in pro modder means exposure is important. The main reason though is to avoid the "would it have won" debate that you KNOW will spring up. I just don't want to deal with that, or take away from the other 4 guys building mods.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    ok.. let me put my foot down and tell you guys to BACK OFF>. serioussly..

    im not saying conspiracy theories...

    NOT saying ANYONE here is against ANYONE...

    ALL i am saying was back was obvious that something was happening that was DELAYING the event a bit longer then was planed.

    and everyone thought i was crazy...

    i love this site and have nothing but respect for it but to be attacked by the mods and now the admins for NO reason.. im the one thats disapointed.
    ive tried to hard to show so much love to you guys and this place and help out in what lil i can.

    box.. i have nothing against you or anyone here.. well maybe error :P.. and i totally understand that things happened and im mad that you had to pull out. and i thank you for sharing all that went on behind the curtians.

    but you guys want me gone.. let me know and ill leave quietly.. but please dont attack me and make accusations twards me like im some evil person.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    I too am disappointed one of us had to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances. It's unfortunate for all involved. Like DB said, this being the first contest of its kind, a little leniency shouldn't have been too much to ask. But if the law is laid down and the deadline can't be extended a few days for whatever reason, then we just have to accept it and move on. And when we all get together for next year's comp we'll know to incorporate a longer build time and plan for this contingency. Maybe work an extension into the deadlines just in case. With such tight time constraints you KNOW Murphy's Law will rear its ugly head and wreak havoc. Should just call it "Modders' Law" lol.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    Well, this sucks. Regardless, I would like to thank BoxGods for all the hard work he put in trying to make this thing a reality (not to mention with a deadline). I agree with Stormbringer. Without the restrictions, you can make this thing even more awesome for a good cause. Also, the other top 5 put in a lot of time and hard work into making their designs original, whereas I took a cool idea and just sort of re-imagined it. I was surprised that I even made it into the top 30. Anyways, it was fun while it lasted! I'm sure BoxGods will do an excellent job with it and blow the socks off of everyone at Childs Play!

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    Thanks DSS, and sorry it didn't work out for either of us, but especially you.

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    Thanks DSS, and sorry it didn't work out for either of us, but especially you.
    Well, it happens. Good luck to the other 4 entrants out there (I forgot to put that in my last post.) Is there any way I could see the final product of this though? I would love to see it finished!

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    #300 - ION Mod Idea by DSS

    Thanks DSS, and sorry it didn't work out for either of us, but especially you.
    Well, it happens. Good luck to the other 4 entrants out there (I forgot to put that in my last post.) Is there any way I could see the final product of this though? I would love to see it finished!
    No worries as i will post linkage.

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