DSS you be getting your prizes for having it picked as one of the top five mods.


Sorry guys I did not mean to attack, but I felt that I was...which I took wrong. Sorry again.

As for my slow response...yeah that is true and my 50-60 hr salary job sucks the real life out of me. I normally get about 3 hours a night to try and do any personal or website stuff. Sometimes, don't tell them, I jump online and check my emails at lunch time.


This is probably the final post here as there will no longer be any updates to this project as per Geno “BoxGods” Phipps. "I will still be finishing the Sentry mod and publishing it and my worklog on Bit-Tech. I am putting it over there just to avoid any controversy etc. with the other 4 builds."

Please go check out the mod there and make sure that you support all the sponsors of the ION event and the hardware used for the mod.

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