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Thread: Weird noise

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    Weird noise

    So after gaming last night, i start noticing this weird recurring noise in my desktop.

    It sounds like a fan starting up, lasts a second, then dissapears, only to start again a few seconds later.

    I used EVGA prescision to ramp up the SLi cards i installed a little to see if it was one of them, but i still heard it.

    Any ideas?


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    Weird noise

    Well it' probably is a fan. Maybe your PSU? IF not maybe your CD rom is spinning up for some reason. You got a disk in it?

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    Weird noise

    I checked for discs when it first happened, and sadly, no discs are in the drives.

    All the fans are visably spinning .... is there anything i should watch/notice/look for to try to see if something is going wrong?

    All components are less than a full year old ....

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    Weird noise

    Whenever I get a strange fan noise in a PC I tend to open it up and, one at a time stop the fans spinning by putting my finger on the centre of the fan - only for a second or two - then work through them one by one until I isolate the offending fan. If you can't get your finger onto the centre part (fan guard etc) I use a paintbrush and push the bristles through to stop the blades. Stopping the fan for a second or two isn't going to make whatever it's cooling overheat, not that quickly - nor should there be any risk of burning out the motor in that short a period - the paintbrush bristles also shouldn't damage the fan blades. Use a decent quality paintbrush though - cheap ones shed bristles way too easily and you don't need loose fibres in your PSU for example....

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    Weird noise

    what psu do you have?? i have a zalman that randomly does that when i game!

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    Weird noise

    what psu do you have?? i have a zalman that randomly does that when i game!
    Hmmmm ... maybe that's it?

    I have a coolermaster 850 .... and i first noticed it after gaming for a couple of hours.

    I turned it off today (usually runs 24/7) and I've yet to hear it so far .... :?

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    Weird noise

    Give all your heatsink's a good dig out with the paint brush that slaveofconvention mentioned earlier. But get a screenie of your temps first, then see how much they have improved after the dusting, you'll be amazed!!

    Have fun all,

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    Weird noise

    It's most likely a fan, perhaps a ball bearing has come loose which is known to make a loud vibrating noise when spinning fast enough.
    thats a link to what it sound like, if thats what your hearing then its a fans ball bearing issue. if not, it could be your hard dist drive failing, or our optical drive checking itself maybe.

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    Weird noise

    Well, I'm PRETTY SURE it's the fan on the back of the case that blows out above the video cards.

    I have a Thermaltake Armor + MX, VH8000 case, and i feel the fan change vibration when i hear the noise.

    THANKS TO ALL for the great help/suggestions, and i guess i'm gonna have to visit the local stores and see what they have in 120 mm fans. :wink:

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