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Thread: Smartphone Repair...

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    Smartphone Repair...

    I have sucessfully repaired two smarthpones now. An XDA Exec, and an Orange SPV M700.

    The XDA needed a whole new case and screen, while the SPV only needed a new screen.

    I didnt take any shots of the XDA but I got all the shots of the SPV here...

    Its good to know that I can do it, but the tiny little screws and connections are annoying to say the least!!

    Have fun all,

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    Smartphone Repair...

    well done. where'd you get the spare parts?

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    Smartphone Repair...

    The owner bought the spares on Ebay of all places!! If you have a look there are any spares for any phone. The hardest part (apart from trying to find a dropped screw on the carpet) is looking for the instructions. But for that there's Wikipedia!!

    Have fun all,

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