Ok, time to start working on this project! I picked Roboduck's Spider PC design because of its industrial yet elegant feel, as well as its simplicity. It's small size lends itself well to the ION platform, and kind of has a "more-than-meets-the-eye" mystique to it.

First off, I'd like to thank Nvidia, Zotac, CPU, and Modders-Inc for such a great contest, and providing me with the opportunity to participate. And of course thanks to all our sponsors for providing great products to use in our builds!

Here is a quick shot of the goodies:

I decided that in light of the imposed time limitations, as well as fulfilling the "green" aspect of the ION, I would use recycled cardboard as the main material from which to build.
I snagged an 8"x8" box from work and cut it down to 3" high, then placed the components in for a test fit:

Then I cut a rectangular hole in the back for the IO panel.

A close up shot. You can see where I drilled a hole to the right of the IO panel for the power plug.

Almost done! All I have left to do is fashion a lid for the top and cut the legs out, and it's good to go!

Of course I'm kidding, and this is just a mockup to see how components will be placed lol. I still need to add in a slimline DVD drive and card reader, but I am getting a good idea of how to mount everything.