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Thread: ION Spider PC by Roboduck and Boddaker

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    ION Spider PC by Roboduck and Boddaker

    Ok, time to start working on this project! I picked Roboduck's Spider PC design because of its industrial yet elegant feel, as well as its simplicity. It's small size lends itself well to the ION platform, and kind of has a "more-than-meets-the-eye" mystique to it.

    First off, I'd like to thank Nvidia, Zotac, CPU, and Modders-Inc for such a great contest, and providing me with the opportunity to participate. And of course thanks to all our sponsors for providing great products to use in our builds!

    Here is a quick shot of the goodies:

    I decided that in light of the imposed time limitations, as well as fulfilling the "green" aspect of the ION, I would use recycled cardboard as the main material from which to build.
    I snagged an 8"x8" box from work and cut it down to 3" high, then placed the components in for a test fit:

    Then I cut a rectangular hole in the back for the IO panel.

    A close up shot. You can see where I drilled a hole to the right of the IO panel for the power plug.

    Almost done! All I have left to do is fashion a lid for the top and cut the legs out, and it's good to go!

    Of course I'm kidding, and this is just a mockup to see how components will be placed lol. I still need to add in a slimline DVD drive and card reader, but I am getting a good idea of how to mount everything.

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    ION Spider PC by Roboduck and Boddaker

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA...GREEN--not Brown you silly tree huger.

    To funny man.

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    ION Spider PC by Roboduck and Boddaker

    Well I got the rest of my parts on Friday that I ordered, so I now have everything I need that will go into the case. And Roboduck is facilitating the actual cutting of the aluminum legs for the case! He actually works at a machine shop, and got a great deal on some aluminum stock. If all goes well, we will have the legs cut by next week. Hopefully he will get some action shots of the cutting to post in the worklog.

    So how's everyone else coming along? Haven't heard a peep from anyone lol. Either you are all sworn to secrecy, or none of you have even started yet! :P

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    ION Spider PC by Roboduck and Boddaker

    Well, the legs got pushed back a few days, but is slated to be cut tomorrow (crosses fingers). Which is fine, since the legs will probably be the last things to go on the case. So it's not like I can't do anything else if they are not done first. As such, I got everything else designed out over the weekend and sent out for cutting. woot!

    Sorry for not having pics, but everything up til now has been just design and planning. Nothing that is pic-worthy. Same goes for the other modders I'm thinking lol. Hopefully, I will have something tangible to show in the next few days, as I will be starting work on the frame of the case. The other thing I can do while I'm waiting for parts to be cut, is fire up the ION and test the components.

    Is this forum public yet?

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    ION Spider PC by Roboduck and Boddaker

    LOL...Just now!

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    ION Spider PC by Roboduck and Boddaker

    Edit 10/3/09: Legs are getting cut! WOOT

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    ION Spider PC by Roboduck and Boddaker

    i almost "almost" thought you was going to use that cardboard lol

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    ION Spider PC by Roboduck and Boddaker

    Ok, as promised... PICS!! lol Not that there's much to look at, just a pile o' parts. :P

    I got everything hooked up and installed Vista last night. I grabbed a set of pwr/hdd switch & led leads from an old case so I could turn it on.

    Everything works as they should, and the system is very quiet even with it all laid out in the open. Once it's in the case you'll hardly notice it's on!
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    ION Spider PC by Roboduck and Boddaker

    thats what the lighting will be for silly so you know its on :P

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    ION Spider PC by Roboduck and Boddaker

    Did the green flag drop when I was not looking. 0-0

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