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Thread: Weekly WTF - Augest 27

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    Weekly WTF - Augest 27

    im going being the dareing person i am.. going to try to see just how many people here are as creative.. warped as i am.. by posting a series of videos that i happen to find.

    MOST of these will be kept...... reasonably.. clean... and will be on youtube.. those that are.... TOO extreme according to youtube.. are still in thier terms.. clean.. but will require you to "verify your age" before viewing..

    If this causes any problems... admins.. i give full go for you deleting the post for that time and giving me the repremand... but i promise NO sex...

    language.. drugs.. booze.. blood.. violence.. humor based nudity.. yeah.. its ALL going to be here. but lets face it.. the recent listing of zombie vids cross most those lines :P

    but in the end.. ALL of these videos are meant to make you laugh... bow your milk throug your nose.. and stop and think.. WTF!

    Todays entry...
    Tom Dickson.. the creator of the blendtech home blender.. the most powerfull home blender in the world.. and takes pride in PROVING it.[/video]]Hope your not a wii fan[/video]]hope you arent a halo fan[/video]]The Green Lantern

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    Weekly WTF - Augest 27

    error.. being how you have acted in previous threads on this forum.. i refuse to ever click anything by you.. knowing you its likly a rick roll.. a virus.. or worse.

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    Weekly WTF - Augest 27

    ya bring on the funny vids. I'm not clicking on ERROR's either. No offense dude.

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    Weekly WTF - Augest 27

    Sounds good keepem comming storm.

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