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Thread: 7 years in the making

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    7 years in the making

    Yes the title is right its not a typo, bought this case about 7 years ago to mod and finally am getting arround to it.
    This case is totaly unchanged other then some dirt and some paint peeling, Yes the case came with that 3 colour paint job and the cathodes, beige sides and top, metalic blue green arround the side and front and then silver on the face with the blue cathodes.

    Sorry about the crappy pictures but had to use a old 3 mp camara as missplaced the good one.

    Now the idea for this isn't that big just new paint job ( Black and Darker Blue) , new fan placement on top of case for right now, was going to be a side window and new new cathodes on the front but unable to get plexi right now and the shop that was selling cathodes and leds has stoped keeping inventory so have to be ordered.

    Now as I start going I might up the work being done as I do have a idea for changing the look of the front.

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    7 years in the making

    Sometimes the old ones are the good ones - I'm in the middle of working on a case which is probably about the same age - good luck with this

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    7 years in the making

    I have been working on one that has taking that long too...hmmm reminds me I should post up some new images.

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    7 years in the making

    Ok so I weather was nice today so I able to get a little work done on the case,

    I started tearing the case apart to make the cut for the top fan and start sanding for paint, but an idea came to mind as the top fan was going to be tight inbeween the Power supply and any drives. So the idea was to turn the case over top to bottom, bottom to top, but of course its not the simple.

    So I drilled out all the rivets holding the bottom of the case to the sides, I think there was about 17 rivets

    I then attached the bottom to what at the start was the top of the case with rivets, I didn't have any steel arround but I had an old floppy drive, so I took the top off the floppy and used it to support drive bays and to square the case up.

    Top back on to insure square and power supply now mounted at the bottom leaving more then enough room on top for the fan.

    Front now back on to check look, once its painted wont even know the front is upside down

    Well since I'm doing this out on my deck theres not much more I can do tonight as i've lost my light. So its all packed up and waiting for another day.

    Next steps cut hole in top for fan then sanding and painting. Unless an other idea sneaks in :lol:

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    7 years in the making

    Sorry no pics this post forgot camara.

    Did a couple hrs work on case tonight figuring out location and how to mount a 120mm blue led fan in the case front, seeing how the fan lights and cathodes look together as well as cutting mesh to cover the fan. Fan looks good in case and in the front under the DVD drive, Cathodes and fan leds looked good together while the cathode work. Cathode control went belly up so now cathodes don't work, I knew things where going to easy. Heres hoping I can find another controler for the cathodes or a whole new set of cathodes. Guess I'll be calling a few pc shops in the area tomorrow

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    7 years in the making

    So I was at Wal-Mart today picking some items up non mod related and happened to walk past the car audio section which is also the same area as the car mods, took a look at the mods and noticed the 12V Hyper LEDs 4 pack

    The package contains 4 single LEDs

    Hoping to use these in place of the cathodes

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    7 years in the making

    Here are a few updated pictures

    This Blue looked different in the store, I've been told by a few it makes the front look like a toy, back to the store for a different paint

    The 120 mm Blue LED fan I bought for the front

    Now some pictures of the sides and top with the black paint can't recall what stage this is but I know I need few more coats, the top also now has the 80 mm fan hole cut

    Test fit all back together to get a feel for the look alsoso I could bring it back in the house for the night

    I have also added a rocker switch to control the 4 new Blue LEDs

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    7 years in the making

    Since I took the pictures I have added another coat of black paint to the top and sides as well as the bay cover holding the rocker switch, still need atleast one maybe two more coats of black. Still trying to figure out what shade of Blue is going to look right on the front of the case.

    Camara was MIA this day so no pictures.

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