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Thread: Back 2 Schoolgirls

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    Back 2 Schoolgirls

    Summer’s finally coming to an end, and that means it’s time to re-pack all your stuff, load up the car and head back to the knuckle-grind of school. But instead of getting down about vacation being over, we thought we’d get you in the mood for education with the classic staple of sexy education – school girls! These uniformed hotties will have you ready to study in no time. So get ready for these super-sexy back-to-school girls! 0-0 :mrgreen: ops:

    NO NUDITY !!!! But may not be SFW ........

    Enjoy! :wink:

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    Back 2 Schoolgirls

    Dammit - I'm old enough to have a kid that old!!!!! I can't look at stuff like that!!!!

    Actually, better check....

    Yup, definitely can't be looking at stuff like that - it isn't appropriate at my age....

    Now, erm, yeah, bbiab....

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    Back 2 Schoolgirls

    Ok, i've seen this abbreviation a couple of times now and have no idea what it means:


    I know that I am wrong with what always comes to mind when I see that, but all I can think of is

    SFW = Short Fat Women

    Someone please tell me what that really means.


    ps. I actually might not be entirely wrong as most "Short Fat Women" would be offended by those pics.

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    Back 2 Schoolgirls

    actualyl he meant to put NSFW.. which is Not Safe For Work.

    so if your at work on a computer.. ont click the link.. or if a coworker or a boss sees it.. its likely you getting fired.

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    Back 2 Schoolgirls

    I see, so he meant to put "No Short Fat Women". Makes sense as ticking them or your boss off with these pics could make for a bad day.

    Thanks for the info.

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    Back 2 Schoolgirls

    nice find fluffy... I sometimes wonder how you manage to find all this stuff :P

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    Back 2 Schoolgirls

    nice find fluffy... I sometimes wonder how you manage to find all this stuff :P
    :wink: :mrgreen:

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