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Thread: WTF weekly video sept,4

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    WTF weekly video sept,4[/video]]bohemian rapsody
    Ok.. lets test this forums limits...

    not much can realy be said about this video on youtube other then.. WTF..
    your either going to laugh your ass off.. or totally hate me for it.

    i can only gaurentee one thing.. next week is even more.. WTF and higher up on the offending meter.

    ahh what the hell.. its in the same catagory.. and theme.. so ill add this bonus one too.[/video]]ball buster

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    WTF weekly video sept,4


    **Tony Soprano voice**

    "Ya bustin ma baalls heer!! Forget about it..."

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    WTF weekly video sept,4

    ahahaha where do they get this stuff?


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    WTF weekly video sept,4

    fail blog is one of my addictions of youtube :P

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    WTF weekly video sept,4

    Well i can contribute my favorite WTF video here then ... an "oldie but a goodie!" :mrgreen:

    Contains some NSFW language & Imagery..... but NO nudity. 0-0

    Watch once and it will pop into your head again later at odd times!

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    WTF weekly video sept,4

    actually.. ... i wasent amused >.< just.. didnt do anything for me.. bit tame compared to what im goign to be posting here lol.

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