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Thread: Colour Combo's and LEDs....

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    Colour Combo's and LEDs....

    This mod is a little way off, but I like to be prepared so figured I'd stick something up here and ask a couple of opinions....

    I mentioned in a different post that my xbox360 DVD drive developed a fault a little while back and stopped playing game disks. I took it apart to 100% identify the drive so I could buy a replacement, and while it was in bits, I gave the whole thing, including the inside of the DVD drive a good clean out with the air compressor, and for some reason, it now works.

    Anyway.... after taking it apart and putting it back together (and thereby killing what little warranty was left) I decided to paint/mod the thing once I'm done with Lobo (and possibly K-9 altho I think K-9 will take a while yet)

    I've wanted to paint something Renault Liquid Yellow for a while - in fact my plan when I built my current PC was to put it into a Liquid Yellow Silverstone TJ07 but the money ran out and I "settled" for an Antec 900 which I really don't like much and have no intention of modding.

    The xbox 360 seems to lend itself very well to a two colour paint scheme and I think the Liquid Yellow along a fairly dark grey metallic will work well - the pic below shows a Renault Megane Sport in the Liquid Yellow, and the alloy wheels are painted in a grey that would work - I've included it to show you the combination...

    I want to window and light up the machine and I'm trying to think of what colour lighting will work well with that colour combination. I also plan to replace the LEDs in the power button/ring of lights and will be putting red leds back in there for the error states, but I need to decide on a colour for the power light and the connected lights (the ones which are green when stock) - ironic thing is, I think green will look pretty nice, but I really don't want to leave it stock... Maybe yellow would work :?

    Any thoughts/ideas?

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    Colour Combo's and LEDs....

    For the window lighting I would go with either red or white and not a lot of brightness. Use the colors to enhance the hardware and at the same it would cast some shadows for a more dramatic effect.

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    Colour Combo's and LEDs....

    il tell you the first thing i tell anyone wanting to know what colors look nice with a specific color... its time to learn the color wheel!!!!

    its one hell of a tool.

    note it says colors opposite the wheel of each other are complimentary...

    in yellows case.. voilet.

    so if you are looking to add a racing stripe.. try this area of colors.

    just remember.. in the world of color.. compliment usually means contrast.. to allow the dominant color to stand out more from the other contrasting colors.

    even nature knows this... look at zebras.

    so.. if you want something to go good with it.. do you want the yellow to be complimented... or have the other details.. blend into it?

    for the lights.. its already got green.. yellow would make it a bit.. unnoticable.. perhaps blue as i dont think purple leds are common and could compliment the RRoD leds nicely :P

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