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Thread: Happy Birthday XcaliburFX !

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    Happy Birthday XcaliburFX !

    A big happy 45th birthday to our own .:vVv:. ~Xcalibur~ !

    I've known X since almost day 1 of the start of our clan, and he's been an invaluable asset & friend since day 1.

    I know the BEST present ever has already been given him (his lovely wife well & out of the hospital) so i know this is the best birthday he's had so far!

    A special "Happy Birthday" to my brother, and the heartfelt wishes of many, many more to come! :wink: :mrgreen:

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    Happy Birthday XcaliburFX !

    Happy Birthday Bro.

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    Happy Birthday XcaliburFX !

    Amen Fluffy.... well spoke....


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    Happy Birthday XcaliburFX !

    Thanks guys, I had a great day. .... Your right Fluff, I already had the best gift. The wife is home and doing well.

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    Happy Birthday XcaliburFX !

    Happy Birthday !

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    Happy Birthday XcaliburFX !

    Happy belated birthday.

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